Beppu Onsen KOURAKU 好楽

We are dedicated to serving you as best we can.

We welcome you to our hotel in the center of Beppu Onsen, and look forward to serving you with warm Japanese hospitality.

Beppu Onsen KOURAKU 好楽




KOURAKU 4 points

We use only water that comes directly from the natural hot spring source. Enjoy Beppu’s outstanding hot spring water.

Both our large indoor bath and “Manten no Yu” outdoor bath use 100% natural hot spring water, with no recirculation of bath water.

Exquisite flavor, interwoven with the abundance of nature.

Enjoy bountiful blessings from the seas, the mountains and the villages with locally-harvested, fresh seasonal delicacies.Experience carefully-crafted flavors and visual arrangements that can only be found at Koraku Hotel.

Here we will introduce the sights of Beppu.

We are a 10-minute walk from Beppu Station.
Located near Beppu Tower within Beppu Onsen, one of the area's eight famous traditional hot springs. With both a great location and high-quality hot spring water, we welcome a wide variety of guests who come to Beppu for both business and pleasure.

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